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Herbalism, or botanical medicine is the study and practice of using plants to maintain proper health in humans and other animals by using botanicals for healing, detoxification and the elimination of waste in the body.
Nutritional Herbalism is the proper feeding of the human, and animal body to maintain proper health.
Archaeological digs have shown that herbal use dates back 60,000 years! And that the ancient Sumerians inscribed herbal uses on clay tablets 5,000 years ago!
The acquired knowledge of plant foods and plant medicines coincided with each other. Many herbs first used as seasonings were used to protect us from food-borne pathogens.
Much of the world uses traditional medicines, because most pharmaceuticals are too expensive for most peoples of the world, whereas herbs can be gathered for little or no cost.
Herbalism is woven within human history, and throughout the world herbalism continues to be a major component of alternative and traditional medicines.
Herbalism often includes animals, minerals, and other natural products, an addition to plant materials. Some of the products used by herbalist, or phytotherapists are botanicals, herbal medicines, herbal supplements, herbal remedies, and natural health products.
Modern medicine classifies herbalism as an alternative form of medicine, and many pharmaceutical drugs were originally derived from plant sources, however very few clinical trials exist regarding herbal uses and their effectiveness.
A herbalist is dedicated to the medicinal use of plants. They are skilled in the cultivation, harvest and collection of medicinal plants. A herbalist is trained in therapeutic practices and the dispensing of herbal medicines.
The healing properties of plants haven't changed since the beginning of human history. Physicians and wise people (wizards and witches) of the past were expected to know and understand herbs, their properties, and uses, and they spent years exploring and gathering herbs in the care of their patients.
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